Black woman looking up against a teal background.
Black woman looking up against a teal background.
Photo: Tony James-Andersson/Pexels

As much as I love being called a “strong Black woman,” it also makes me cringe because so much of our strength is defined by the struggles and hardships we face rather than how we find healing and enjoying our daily state of being.

The compliment can also cause severe anxiety and trigger the Superwoman Syndrome. According to Cheryl L. Woods-Giscombé, PhD, and her research, Superwoman Syndrome was born when Black women started denouncing society’s negative characterizations of Black women, such as “Jezebel” and “Welfare Queen,” in efforts to highlight the traits that go unnoticed. …

It all started with an impulsive decision and having the time to create.

19-year-old content creator Arial Robinson wanted to put her own flavor on the 1970’s Black ABC’s created by the Society of Visual Education in Chicago, a project she discovered a year ago via Twitter.

Growing up and seeing a lack of representation, Robinson developed a love for telling black stories as a way to change the narrative.

“I went my whole life barely seeing the black experience in media and art. All of it was buried and wasn’t at the forefront.”

Robinson describes this project as “impulsive”…

I don’t recall the exact grade, but I was in elementary school. Innocent, young and naive to anything that wasn’t a chapter book or dance classes.

There was a boy that would make comments with language I didn’t recognize but I knew they were inappropriate. He would say what he wanted to do to me when we would transition classes and I never responded because like I said, I was clueless.

He kept this up for a week and each day, the statement would get more vulgar than the last. I knew this was wrong, but I didn’t know what…

Victoria Daniels

hampton alumna. grad student at Philip Merrill College of Journalism at UMD.

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